Background Check

Upright has created a medium through which a company can get the right talent with low risk. The competition is increasing in every industry, and that makes the hiring process slow for a company or any recruiter, in this marathon, we forget most vital area to verify “Background check” of our Human Capital. It is important and forecasts about the future of the team or talent.

Every company expects that every individual of the company shall adjust in the working environment and work with complete compassion. This process helps companies to identify the past records of the hired talent or where that person will be the right fit. A company can enhance the skills of the hired talent accordingly.

Our services are open in every industry or domain. The quality and accuracy is our power to develop trust in human capital.

We have introduced two package services for a background check:

Red Pack: Current Employment Check (Free service with hiring plan) 

This service is included along with the hiring package to check the current company status of the employee and documentation after selection. It will be a quick process to review the existing company background details of the talent which the company is hiring. This process will take place once the selected candidate puts down their papers at the current company.

Premium Services: Yellow Pack (360-degree Employment Check)

It is a premium service and a separate package. It covers all the previous companies background check, documentation, and education check services of the selected talent.

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