Upright’s aim is to provide a healthy workplace for the right set of talent to the company without any fear of losing our



About Us

Upright Human Capital is a unique start-up to provide enterprise HR services to businesses of all scales. Based in Gurugram, the company was born out of challenges faced by startups, small and mid-scale businesses in hiring, streamlining HR processes and continuous HR improvement.

The company aims to change the way HR consulting is done by providing “Right Talent Experience Journey”.


We help companies hire fast, accurately and at a reasonable cost.
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We engage with companies to understand their challenges and propose solutions.
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Employee Engagement

We design and execute employee engagement programs to align your human capital to organisation goals.
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Policies and Compliance

We work with companies to devise plans, policies, and strategies which help them retain talent and grow fast.
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Trusted by Our Happy Customers

  • Ajackus
  • Spoonshot
  • Zonka
  • Automatad
  • Classic Informatics
  • DesignString
  • Hurain Infotech
  • Yellow Class
  • Aroleap
  • Propreturns
  • Sheru
  • TonkaBI

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Upright Human Capital specialises in Services, Information Technology, New-age Start-ups and Research companies. Our HR professionals have experience in different domains.

BPOs, Backoffice
and KPOs

Start-ups, IT
Products and SaaS

Banking and

Research and

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