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You searched for a job and gave the interview and cleared it too, that’s good news but before you join there is one more round which most of the candidates are not aware of.. And this is a background check. According to the recent survey done by Endrea, 98% of businesses do perform background checks on the candidates. So, it’s an important step which is not neglected by companies at any cost. For those who have no idea what background checks are and what’s all included in it? This article will clear all your doubts regarding background checks.

What do You Mean by an Employee Background Check?

Employers will conduct background checks whether on their own or they can hire background check companies to make sure that you are a perfect candidate for them. Plus the information provided by the candidate to the employer will also get verified. There are certain areas that will be checked by the employer like the employment history, education details, criminal records and many more. 

But .. Why do Employers go for Background Checks?

Background checks are an important part during the hiring process because it will let the employer know that the candidate has the required background education and the experience if it’s required for the job. And by checking all this, the employer can get assured that the candidate will be able to perform the job. But what happens if the candidate has lied about his experience or educational background. The employer can fire the employee and this can be done as the employee might have attested the information provided by him.

There are many reasons to conduct background checks and according to the NABS report for 2018, here are the top reasons to conduct background checks:

The background check is a common practice in which the employer has to ensure that the candidate has provided correct information and why not because they have done their research and have used their resources. 

What are the Background Checks that Employers Do?

Verify the Education Details 

The background check companies check all your education details from where you graduated and verify your degree. The companies will require the date of your degrees to verify them and in a different case if you have changed your name after completing your graduation then you will have to provide them with your former name. This process is recommended for the higher positions in the company though it can be done for every candidate to be safe. 

Background Check of Employment History 

This background check includes the position, your performance during the job, your salary, longevity, etc. These can be done by reference checks, the first can be a simple employment verification and this is done by a phone call to the HR of your previous company. The background check companies will ask if Mr X worked as a product manager from 2015-2018. And the HR will answer yes or no. some employers can verify at this level and some might look deep into the details. The other way to verify your employment history is by looking at your tax records and this is easy as long as you are fine all your taxes.

Contacting Your Personal and Professional References 

This background check will mean speaking with your former managers and also employees. Many people think that the candidate has to give permission to contact your manager. This is not how it works. And many people also believe that your manager won’t be able to do anything than verifying your employment. If references tell everything which is genuine, then the employer might also ask about your job performance.

Search About the Candidate on Social Media 

Background companies also perform a search of the candidate on social media platforms to ensure the details like awards, claims about performance are true or not. This is carried before the interview process. The hiring manager will perform a search on the internet of the candidate, but can they use this information which they find on the internet is somewhat debatable. 

Credit checks are Required

This is apt for candidates who are into accounting profiles and for those if the job involves handling of money, then credit is required. The candidate has to sign a document that gives them the permission to check your credit. There is nothing to worry about if you haven’t done any scam or if your credit score is low because of non-paying your bills. 

Residential Background Check

The address which is provided by you during the submission of the resume will be recorded. If you have one permanent address then there would be just one verification step done by the background check companies. The address can be crosschecked with your family members and also with your neighbours. Now, if you stay in a different place than your permanent address, then there would be two verification process which will happen at two places. 


A background check is conducted by the HR professionals but when the candidate is for a higher post then the company hires background check services. There should be a connection between the employer and the background check companies about the specific requirements of the background check.


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