Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Upright Human Capital is built-in to provide specialised Human Capital hiring solutions to remove the challenge of recruiting the right talent.

Our strength is our services and better quality. We will ensure that we work hard to fulfil your requirements and provide you with the right fitment for your organisation.

Mass Hiring and Entry Level Search

MMass and entry level requirement is mainly for the companies looking for expansion or setting up new teams where the potential candidate needs to be hired. Our motive is to expand the horizon of the search for our clients and give them the right fitment candidates and as well as potential who can be polished with the time and can be moulded in the company.

This service helps in building the team and structure at the entry level. If you have the right soldiers at the ground, it’s easy to win the war.

Our focus in this level will not only be on selected candidates but also on the campus or walk-ins where we can find the fresh talent.

Target Experience: 0 to 5 years or as per the requirements
Mass Hiring helps in placing the higher number of positions in the right place. It includes campus, walk-ins (selected candidates) or quick screening process hiring.

Middle and Senior level Search

Every company needs a h4 middle and senior management. Sometimes we realise it soon or sometimes later, but they are the builders of the companies. Our primary focus here is to find the talent with significant experience in technicalities and the person with team and people management skills.

Of course, technicalities or skills of the job are essential but at the middle level, if you are handling even a single person, then the individual needs the managerial skills. It is a challenge with several companies, and by hiring the right candidate at this level, we help in resolving this problem of the top management.

A company will succeed if you have the right pillars in the right place. They help in building, and there is a reverse reaction in case of incorrect hiring.

We ensure to find bright talent from each industry with right practices which will fit in the structure.

Target Experience: 5 – 15 years

Executive Search

Most crucial position at any company is to place the right Leadership. This position has the power to take the company on heights and to ensure that every individual in the company is aligned with the vision of the company.

It is a strategic role, and our best effort will help you to reach to exceptionally talented people of the industry at affordable prices. This process will be more rigorous and confidential.

A leader will be identified from the Topnotch companies to small companies. As upright we believe that “Talent can be hidden anywhere, we just need to find it with the right vision”.

Target Experience: 15 – 25 years

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