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An insight into Recruitment Outsourcing, Problems & Solutions

Written by : Ginni Agarwal | On :08-01-2020
Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting new employees is not an easy task for any business. It requires a lot of resources including time, money and human resource professionals. It is common that many businesses lack the required experience and expertise to find the right candidates.

One of the best ways to solve the problem of hiring the right candidates is to go for an outsourced recruiting services provider. Outsourcing vendors have expert recruitment professionals that can effectively deal with various types of recruitment problems. They help businesses hire best-fit candidates.

Why Businesses Should Outsource Recruitment Services?


Outsource Recruitment Services

There are many reasons for businesses to opt for an HR outsourcing company. We have discussed the main reasons below –

Cost Savings


One of the main benefits of outsourcing HR service is that it results in cost savings. To recruit new employees, a business needs to hire one or more human resource professionals dedicated to screening and hiring processes. Plus, it has to pay salaries and other employee benefits such as insurance to its in-house team.

Besides the above costs, other costs involved include costs of advertising jobs, conducting the candidate’s background check, buying recruitment software, etc. By availing outsourced hiring services, the cost of recruiting new employees gets reduced significantly.

Focus Completely on Core Business


Recruitment activities shift some of the company’s focus from its core activities. A company has to deploy some of its resources to carry out the recruitment tasks. When there is bulk-hiring in a company, its human resource staff can get overburdened and may fail to meet the hiring demands. The staff may not be able to focus on other core human resource functions such as payroll, employee programs, compliance, etc.

By taking services of a recruitment outsourcing company, a company can fully focus on its core business. The cumbersome tasks of finding and hiring the right candidates are handled by the outsourcing vendor.

Unlike non-recruitment companies, recruitment services providers just have one task to focus their minds on – to recruit perfect candidates for their clients. Their time and resources are dedicated to source, contact and hire the top talent available in the market. Moreover, many businesses cannot afford to have a talent acquisition staff that can dedicate all its time to find and hire talented professionals. When businesses have qualified and skilled employees hired through an outsourcing company, they can focus better on their core operations. This helps in increasing productivity and revenue.

Hire Better Candidates


Your human resource staff may not have the time and expertise to find the qualified candidates that are a perfect fit for your job positions. Your staff might not be using the right set of tools or following the best set of practices to find the right candidates. A recruitment services outsourcing company has expert and experienced recruiters that use the right set of tools to find you the high-quality candidates. These candidates completely meet your skills and experience requirements. Apart from improving the quality of hiring, an outsourcing vendor increases the overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

Reduce Recruitment Turnover Rate


A business may face the problem of newly hired employees leaving the company within one or two months after the joining date, i.e. high recruitment-related turnover rate. This implies that the company’s recruitment process and functions are not going on smoothly. The company is in real need of an efficient staff to reduce the turnover rate. This is the exact situation where a recruitment services provider can prove to be of great help. The recruiters of an outsourcing vendor know exactly what to look for in candidates. They ensure that the hired candidates will work in the company for a long time.

Effectively Handle Hiring Demands During Growth


When a business experiences rapid growth, it is quite obvious that it requires new employees in a large number. Recruiting many new employees within a short time span poses a great challenge for businesses. In this scenario, outsourced HR services act as a boon for businesses. By leveraging the expertise of an outsourcing services provider, businesses can easily meet the recruitment challenge.

Common Recruitment Problems and Solutions


Recruitment Outsourcing, Problems & Solutions

An outsourced recruiting services provider not only provides the above-mentioned benefits but also easily provides solutions to various recruitment problems. These problems are difficult to handle by businesses. Following are the common recruitment problems and solutions –

Finding Right Candidates


This is the most common problem faced by a recruiter. There may not be enough candidates available, who according to a recruiter, qualify well for a particular job. A recruiter may receive few job applications against the posted job.

A recruiter can resolve this problem by utilising the maximum number of channels available for posting jobs and searching for candidates. A recruiting professional should be very clear about the job requirements and role in the posted job descriptions. A form having a set of questions can be added to a job post to screen the candidates, right at the time of applying.

Candidates are Getting Job Offers from Multiple Companies


It is common that candidates, especially those with hard-to-find skills, receive offers from multiple companies at the same time. It becomes difficult for a recruiting company to attract them towards its job offerings.

This problem can be solved by researching what a candidate is looking to get from a job and what provides him with job satisfaction. A recruiting company can motivate a candidate to consider its job over others’ by clearly telling him what its client is offering. This may include salary, perks, employee benefits, etc.

It’s Taking too Long to Hire


Vacant positions, if they remain unfilled for a long time, negatively impact a company’s operations. Also, delay in hiring puts recruiters under great strain, and the right candidates may join a competitor.

A recruiter can resolve this problem by reviewing the hiring process. There might be some unnecessary hiring stages involved that are increasing the hiring time. A recruiter should also make sure that the right channels are being used for searching the candidates. Also, after finding the right candidate, there should be a quick communication between the recruiter and the candidate. The next stage of the recruitment process should be quickly started. This also helps in ensuring that a candidate does not get enough time to consider other job offers.

Using Data Effectively


Using recruitment data helps recruiters to make their recruitment process more efficient and effective. But recruiters often have difficulty in collecting and analysing data.

This difficulty can be overcome by using software such as an applicant tracking system (ATS) or any other specialised recruitment software that can collect data and generate reports for informed decision-making.

Retaining Placed Candidates


Nowadays, the frequent changing of jobs has become a common practice. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to retain their employees. When a newly joined employee shifts to a new job, all the blame lands on the recruiter who hired that employee.

A recruiter can follow certain steps to minimise the risk of a new employee leaving the company soon after joining. During the screening of candidates, a recruiter can go through the tenures of a candidate in different companies. A recruiter can check if it is a habit of a candidate to leave companies in a short time after joining. During the interview, a recruiter can ask questions to check the behaviour of a candidate, whether he or she prefers long-term employment with a company or short-term.

By availing recruitment services, companies can leverage the expertise of seasoned recruitment professionals who have vast experience in providing solutions to all types of recruitment problems. This helps in hiring the right employees that are best-fit to the organisations.


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