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Hiring Mistakes by Start-ups, How to Overcome it

Written by : Ginni Agarwal | On :14-01-2020
Recruitment Strategy

Hiring new employees is a risk that can make or break their business. But there are start-ups who have executed hiring pretty well like in the case of Classic Informatics. The company was founded in 2004 and because of their talent acquisition team, our experiments worked and the growth was exponential.

This is not the case with every start-up and they tend to make common hiring mistakes or using obsolete strategies. This would lead to substandard hiring and can be costly in the long run. So, it’s important to know what are the hiring mistakes and how to overcome them. Here’s a look:

6 Hiring Mistakes You Should Avoid:


Looking for All-Rounders


In a start-up, you need employees who can do plenty of work. You will see instances like these in most successful start-ups but that doesn’t mean you need to repeat their strategy. They can pull this off successfully because they might have a great talent acquisition team. But if you tend to hire people as all-rounders, you are at risk of hiring a guy who is average at plenty of things but won’t excel in a single area.

The pro tip is when you need to hire, you would have to figure out what skills you need the most and hire an employee with the best skills you can find. Now, this employee will be able to lead in the future and their skills won’t become outdated.

Don’t Take the Background Check Lightly


You shortlisted some candidates, the interview went great and they seem to tick all the right boxes, they look a great fit for your team. Common sense would be to hire them. Right? No. Some of the candidates might seem excellent based on their resumes and charm you with their communication skills. You might be thinking there is no need for a background check as they seem fine. According to an experienced hiring manager, the background check is a must as it’s a control point. A thorough background check can turn up some facts that can disqualify a candidate. Background checks will help you to avoid any surprises in the future.

Hiring Like there is No Tomorrow


When a start-up grows, they require a big team as customers are pouring in. This is when the pressure is on the start-up to hire quickly and build a team. Hiring quickly can do wonders but it can also lead to low quality of the candidates. Don’t let it happen, hire candidates only with the right skills and those who fit their culture. If you falter at this step, you might seem plenty of problems in your start-up. It’s important to get this step right and you will find great candidates in your growing start-up stage. So, slow down the pace of hiring and don’t let the growth bubble harm your hiring process.

Stop the Manual Process, use Technology


There are two types of the hiring manager, one who prefers doing things hands-on, they get a feel while holding the resume in their hands but this will make the process a lot slower. The second one who takes the help of technology and would be able to save time and resources while hiring. There are plenty of applications that help you to sort out the resumes.

These applications can allow you to shortlist candidates who are fit for your profile. Another advantage of using technology that helps out to spread the word that you are hiring. You will have a near-perfect opportunity to find potential candidates.

Not Examining Why Hiring Quality is Bad


Well-established companies know in and out of filtering candidates but in case of start-ups, this is a different ball game. This happens because start-ups are new to the hiring process. If hiring quality is bad and not as the requirement, this will lead to the hiring of a wrong candidate that would be costly for your start-up and also time-consuming. The quality of the hiring process can be analyzed by breaking the recruitment process from placing the job opening to preparing the questions for the interview and policy for the final round.

Splurging too Much on Job Portals


For being at the first in the race to hire qualified candidates, most of the start-ups do this mistake of going overboard by spending plenty on job portals. Start-ups fall into the misconception that job portal has an extensive reach. But this is not quite true, job portals can burn a hole in your pocket and instead of spending a lot of them, start-ups can hire a recruitment company.

How To Overcome Hiring Mistakes By Start-ups


The basic thing is not to repeat the mistakes mentioned above. These are common mistakes while hiring. The other way is to take the help of a recruitment company that can streamline the hiring process for a start-up. We help start-ups with recruitment, consulting, employee engagement and policies and compliance.



Building a team is not an easy task for a start-up as they are experiencing everything for the first time. This can prove to be challenging and the key for success is to keep working hard while limiting your hiring mistakes.


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