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How Bad Hiring Affects Your Business and How to Overcome it

Written by : admin | On :05-03-2020
Recruitment Strategy

All the HR managers and recruiters are looking to hire the best candidates because a good hire can improve productivity in the office, boost office morale and have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. There is an infinite number of reasons to hire a good candidate. 

But what about the flip side of making a bad hire? This is a question recruiters don’t bother to ask. This result in the bad hiring process and costing the company a ton in future. If you want to avoid this mistake of bad hiring then look for recruiting services that would streamline the whole process. Now, let’s look at the cost of a bad hire and how can you avoid it. 

How Bad Hires can Cost Your Company?


Losing Your Star Employees


Every organization is on the lookout for great employees but there is one thing that a company can’t stand i.e. to lose their star employees. This happens due to bad employees as their colleagues or managers. Great employees are left with no choice but to quit the company as they are not compatible with employees who are a bad hire. 

“Studies have shown that over 80% of employee decisions to quit have been caused by other employees”

Zero Productivity


A bad hiring decision can result in zero productivity, as the employees with no proper skills will struggle to perform under pressure. This would lead to costly-errors and the completion of the project would be slow. Now, regularly meeting with employees to address the performance issues can take up hours that could be used in other productive areas. 

End Up with Unhappy Clients


Your clients have high expectations from your business, an under-achieving employee can make mistakes and prove costly, might overlook necessary details that result in poor customer service. This is where bad hires come into play, they lack the leadership skills and don’t put any extra effort to strengthen the relationship with clients or make sure that clients are happy with their services. 

Damage to Your Company’s Reputation


A bad hire can damage the reputation of your company by the negative impact on employee morale and once the company builds a reputation for hiring bad employees, it gets tougher for them to attract good talent. There might be chances that a bad hire is hostile towards employees and is not helpful towards the customers. 

High Costs During Training and Recruiting


No productivity isn’t the only problem with the bad hirings, you will have to spend money every time you advertise job postings or run background checks. Training your employee would also come with an extra cost, you might have to pay for the training courses, their salary would be another expense. 

Next Step Would be, How to Avoid Costly Bad Hiring? 



Standardize the Whole Interview Process


The interview process is an important factor for quality hiring, companies who have a bad interview process are five times more likely to make a bad hire than companies following a standard procedure. The company should clarify what should be covered during the interview stage like screening interviews, second interviews, final interviews, etc. providing interviewers with the checklist of questions will help to improve the consistency and outcomes. 

Proper Job Specification


When you are providing the advertisement for the vacant position then do provide proper information for what you are looking in a candidate and also mention that only those who meet the job requirements must apply for this position. The skills which are required for the job should be mentioned clearly, else you will make it difficult for yourselves. 

Transfer Bad Hires to a New Position 


When you can see the mistakes and you know that it’s bad hiring, the only option left is to find another position for them in the organization. Whatever the solution, you should act fast, identify the hiring mistakes and correct them before they begin to negatively impact your organization. Don’t put pressure on top employers because of the bad hires as your top performers can be overworked with lots of work. 


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