How Digital Recruitment Is Way Better Than Traditional Hiring Methods?

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The recruitment industry keeps evolving, and it has transformed successfully from traditional recruitment methods to modern hiring methods.

The top talent present in the market has ample opportunities. There are plenty of organizations that can provide work-life balance, salary, growth, and much more. 

It has made the task for recruiters even tough to attract candidates for their organization. Therefore, it’s the right time to bring digital recruitment into your organization. Read this post to know why digital recruitment is the need for time.

In this article, we will cover

  1. Why do traditional hiring methods fail?
  2. What is digital recruitment? 
  3. Advantages of digital recruitment over traditional recruitment
  4. Tips developing a digital recruitment strategy 
  5. How Upright recruitment services can help you!!

1. Why do traditional hiring methods fail? 

Traditional recruitment methods used to work because they offered such simplicity to the recruiter. But with technology evolving and recruiters getting smarter, traditional recruitment methods are losing their shine. Here are some reasons why traditional hiring methods are outdated: 

  • Lack of diversity: A traditional recruitment method relies on human opinion. It creates a risk of biased hiring decisions. Human decisions get influenced by various factors that are not relevant to the job. It leads to a workforce with no diversity and perspectives. 
  • Time restraints: In traditional recruitment, there is only one room for the implementation of the process. This process takes a lot of time, and it’s difficult for the recruiter to give the same attention to each candidate. 
  • Paper applications: Candidates don’t like to fill paper applications. It is a time-consuming process. In the case of recruiters, they get bombarded with lots of resumes that consume time and result in biases. 

The solution is digital recruitment. Companies need to reshape their hiring efforts. Therefore it’s ideal to use digital recruitment to the fore. 

2. What is digital recruitment? 

Digital recruitment goes one step further than traditional recruitment. It means taking the help of technology to simplify your hiring process. Digital recruitment ranges from using social media, posting on career websites, mobile recruiting, using AI and chatbots to find candidates and more. 

Recruiting gets easy for the hiring manager, and it fulfils the process to find, analyze, select and hire them for your organization.  A suitable example of digital recruitment is social recruiting, where a recruiter can leverage various social media platforms to find the right fit for their company. 

3. Advantages of digital recruitment over traditional recruitment

We know what digital recruitment is, and there are certain advantages of using digital recruitment in your hiring process. 

Amazing Exposure

The benefit of digital recruitment is it helps the recruiter to find plenty of relevant candidates in a short time. Gone are those days where the recruiter was using newspapers or bulletin boards for job postings. Now, LinkedIn has replaced the newspaper, and relevant online groups have replaced bulletin boards. Finding the right candidate is just clicking away.

Improves efficiency

Digital recruitment helps the recruiter to manage candidates easily. The recruiter doesn’t have to filter down the resumes.

There are lots of digital tools present to do the task automatically. It frees up the time for the recruiter to implement the other aspects of the recruiting strategy. 

You hire a quality candidate 

If you have exposure and efficiency, you ultimately get a better candidate than your rival. You add star candidates in your organization that are helpful for growth in the long run.

As a recruiter for a client, you can satisfy your client by delivering them the best candidates. 

Reduce costs in the long run 

Most organizations switch to digital recruitment as it’s more affordable than traditional ways to find candidates. In the traditional recruitment process, all the steps can be costly that can help you find your ideal candidate. It involves advertising the job, looking for the candidates, interviewing them, and onboarding them. These factors are present in the traditional recruitment process, therefore taking quite a bit of time and never-ending costs. Digital recruitment in place helps to reduce the costs of the organization. 

Better candidate experience

Digital recruitment is the right option for the younger generation. It improves the candidate experience, making it easier for them to engage with the brand. The candidate will get proper feedback at every stage, and the recruitment process will be faster. 

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4. Tips developing a digital recruitment strategy

Digital recruitment strategy can help to streamline the hiring process and do wonders for the organization. 

Work on your job advert game

The way companies use job adverts matter a lot. The words you select in the job advert and the language you use will attract the candidates. It means that the job adverts can appeal to a large number of candidates or not. 

If they are not working, you have the chance to improve your digital recruitment strategy. It means you have the opportunity to improve the digital recruitment strategy.

A tool attracts a group of candidates that fit your company culture and understands your job advert. 

Mobile-friendly career page

Optimizing your career page for mobile is the way to go. A lot of organizations spend money on their career page. 

It’s a no-brainer too. Most of the candidates use mobile to search for their ideal job plus 70% of the candidates search for jobs on their smartphones. 

When your career site is not mobile-friendly, the design font is not proper to the mobile resolution, you might lose candidates that will move to another company’s career page. 

A company must ensure that the landing pages, career websites, and other resources are readable on smartphones. 

Stay active on social media

Use social media to improve your digital recruitment. Social media presents a lot of benefits, enhancing the quality of the recruitment process. 

It’s an excellent platform to make people aware of your brand. Many millennials rely on social media to get complete information about the company. These factors make it necessary for the companies to have a social media recruiting strategy

There are lots of social media platforms, you can find that are suitable for your recruitment strategy. 

The best way to use social recruiting is to showcase the videos of your company’s culture, stories about employees, company events, and more. 

Use customized digital recruitment strategies

Every company has its unique recruitment strategy that defines its goals. Something that has worked for your rival might not work for your company. 

It’s why the company needs to customize the recruitment plan to your business and related goals. 

Your rival company might be using Instagram to source out candidates, it might not work for you in the same way, if your target audience is not available on that channel. There are a lot of combinations present that an organization can try to understand their target audience. 

Engage with passive candidates 

Passive candidates might play hard at first, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to hire them for your company. 

Passive candidates who are not willing to move, but will consider if they get the right job. You can engage the passive candidates by your talent pool. As a company, you can help them with their career and build long-term relationships. 

5. Here’s how UprightHC recruitment services can help you!!

We know the importance and the value of a star candidate in the organization. We never compromise with the quality and have experienced recruiters for every vertical. Building a strategy around the organization is a factor in our recruitment services. Here’s how we help you: 

  • Hiring candidates on demand
  • Creating a recruitment plan
  • In-depth search to find star candidate 
  • Employee retention

Added services we offer: 

Summing it up

Digital recruitment is the way of advanced recruitment. It makes the hiring process efficient, quicker, and far lucrative. For the recruiting process to be meaningful for the candidates, ensure having digital recruitment in place. 

Digital recruitment is one of the best methods to get star candidates. Skill tests have replaced the need for resumes. Why spend time on piles of resumes when candidates can virtually showcase their skills. Want to improve your recruitment process,

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