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What The Growth Of eCommerce Means For Employment Opportunities?

Written by : Ginni Agarwal | On :14-09-2021
Ecommerce & E-tailing

People of India are experiencing tremendous growth when it comes to their shopping online. The rise of the eCommerce industry is the real reason behind all this. It’s easier now than ever to shop the products online. The eCommerce industry in India has giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Grofers, and the list goes on. 

Even during the pandemic, the only industry that has seen growth in eCommerce. 

And with all this growth leads to the demand of employees. eCommerce will play a role to tackle the lack of jobs for this and coming years. And this is verified by a report titled Impact of eCommerce on Employment in India which is that the eCommerce industry is expected to create direct employment for 1.45 million workforces in 2021. 

This article will focus on the employment opportunities that come with the growth of the eCommerce industry. 

1. The Demand for Workers Is at an All-time High 

eCommerce is hiring extensively to overcome the demand of employees. Online eCommerce companies such as BigBasket are hiring double the number of workers it requires. It only means that there is a demand for employees. 

It also means that there is an increased demand for women in the workforce. According to stats, more than two in three women are not part of the workforce. But that’s about to change with the growth of the eCommerce industry this year. More and more women are using the internet and social media. eCommerce platforms such as Meesho are aspiring women entrepreneurs to begin their business with no investment. 

eCommerce recruiters are aware of this, and they are narrowing down their search to hire women. It has various benefits for the company, like sending a message that the company is looking for workforce diversity and sends a positive message that we believe in the women workforce. 

2. Technological Advancements Are Central for Employees 

The growth of the eCommerce industry has increased the development of technology and vice versa. The technology will help the employees to work seamlessly towards their goals. It has transformed the workplace where employees can communicate, connect and collaborate. The workplaces are becoming flexible and interactive due to technological advancement. 

eCommerce companies know the importance of employees, and there is a need to upskill. In the eCommerce industry, several tasks can get handled by virtual assistants. Here how’s AI helps in the eCommerce industry: 

  • It helps in more targeted marketing and advertising. 
  • Seamless automation.
  • Increased customer retention. 
  • Efficient sales processes. 

So, the business needs to train their employees, as new tools are easily accessible over time, the employees need to have skills and use the existing ones. It will depend on the company and the recruiter to train employees in technological advancements. All in all, it will increase the productivity and workflow of the employees. 

3. Expanding Job Market for Candidates

According to the report by Morgan Stanley, India will have approximately 320 million online shoppers by 2021. It is 6.4 times more than 50 million online shoppers India had in 2015. Here’s where we will see an increase in the eCommerce industry: 

  • Increases in the use of digital payments/wallets. 
  • Investment in eCommerce data analytics. 
  • Increases in online shopping.
  • Implementation of AI.

The job seekers have to up their skills and need expertise in digital marketing, creative programming, app development, web designing and more. The candidate has technical knowledge of data analytics and artificial intelligence.

For the candidates who want to enter the eCommerce market, they require basic digital marketing practices like SEO, SEM, email marketing, etc. There are pools of job opportunities, but an eCommerce company requires skilled employees with technical knowledge to help the eCommerce business boom. 

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4. Remote Working Will Be Key

Nowadays, every recruitment company is focusing on hiring remote employees. And every sector is focusing on hiring remote employees. eCommerce is one such industry that is preferably hiring remote workers. 

More remote hiring means that remote working will grow without the pandemic. All-in-all remote working is a good decision for the eCommerce industry. It is a busy industry, and the niche is quite competitive as well. It means the company needs to provide support round the clock, track for supplies, sales, marketing and everything you need to be responsive. It is not possible with a 9-5 schedule. It is where remote working comes into play. 

It boosts the productivity of your team and allows the company to hire a global workforce. You will stay active in all time zones and cut operational costs. The companies won’t have to maintain an office space, allowing saving money in the long run. Remote working will be cheaper when you consider turnover rates. Additionally, the emerging trend of single vendor ecommerce website is another factor that recruiters need to keep in mind.

For remote working to be seamless for an eCommerce industry, it requires tools. With the right toolset, it gets effortless for the employees and the company to work. The types of tools a company require are: 

  • Communication tools (Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams)
  • Collaboration and management tools (Office 365, G Suite,

Summing It Up

In the ever-expanding market, the change is going to be rapid and extensive. The evolution in the sector has developed functions for the employees to thrive. With the technological advancements in place, the companies require employees that have the necessary technical skills. UprightHC has the expertise that is apt for eCommerce recruitment. Our team helps to build a team that is apt for the eCommerce environment. 

What We Offer During eCommerce Recruitment: 

  • Innovative recruitment techniques.
  • Better hiring decisions.
  • The hiring of top-level candidates.
  • Years of experience. 

Don’t wait for your star candidate!! Let our experts handle your eCommerce recruitment!

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