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eCommerce Recruitment Trends: 10 Future Trends Leading To Your Star Candidate

Written by : Ginni Agarwal | On :30-08-2021
Ecommerce & E-tailing

The eCommerce industry has revolutionized the retail industry. It has surpassed all the expectations making it easier for people to shop with ease. Behind all the growth of the eCommerce industry is the hard work of every employee. 

Therefore, eCommerce companies must hire the right people to get aligned with the company culture and have the necessary skills to make the company grow. 

Most eCommerce companies suffer from bad hires resulting in ever-increasing costs to the company. According to Careerbuilder, 74% of the companies that made poor hiring lost quite a lot of money. With the ever-changing trends, companies need to focus on the upcoming eCommerce trends to stay ahead of the competition. 

If you are looking for upcoming eCommerce trends, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will cover all of them. 

Here’s what we’ll cover. 

  1. eCommerce Gamification
  2. Use of Natural Language Processing for Recruitment
  3. Data Will Take the Centerstage
  4. Predictive Analytics for Recruitment
  5. Hiring and Retaining GenZ
  6. Remote Hiring Will Stay in Trend
  7. Diversity eCommerce Recruitment
  8. Recruitment With Social Media
  9. Digital Onboarding for Employees
  10. More Interview Feedback

1. eCommerce Gamification

Gamification has been gaining popularity for a few years, yet many companies are still looking for ways to leverage gamification to simplify their recruitment process. 

Gamification is a strategic process to create job-like experiences in a gameplay environment to motivate and engage employees. The ones who engage and compete are the likely ones to get hired. It replaces the same old manuals and training methods that no longer interest employees. 

Gamification is a simple, fun and elegant process to understand the candidate’s past experiences, whether they are culturally fit or not. Here are several benefits of eCommerce gamification: 

The elimination process is quicker as companies can test various skill sets. 

The candidates have an idea of the role and the company they will work for. 

The on-the-job performance of the candidate gets assessed by stimulated scenarios, showing behavioural traits. 

2. Use of Natural Language Processing for Recruitment

Every time you speak to a computer, it leverages the NLP to understand what you have sent to the computer. The most common example of Natural language processing is when you are using Alexa. 

Recruiters get hundreds of resumes daily, and that too with accuracy. 

They spend a lot of time shortlisting the ideal candidates quickly with much-needed accuracy.

NLP saves time analyzing resumes and screening candidates. 

NLP helps to remove bias and improve diversity at the workplace. eCommerce recruiters can use NLP in chatbots to engage, get real-time feedback from the candidates. 

3. Data Will Take the Centerstage

Data-driven metrics are one of the upcoming trends in the eCommerce industry. It helps HR to make decisions and hiring plans based on the data. One can implement ATS, and recruiting marketing platforms can redefine the hiring process. 

Data-driven recruitment presents ample benefits: 

  • It improves the quality of hire.
  • It decreases the hiring costs.
  • Improves vacancy and hiring forecasts. 
  • Remove bias from hiring. 

4. Predictive Analytics for Recruitment

Predictive analytics will be going to play a role in the recruiting process of eCommerce companies. As the name suggests, predictive analytics helps with faster and precise decisions which is the need for the eCommerce industry. 

Predictive analytics is necessary because now candidates have ample options present in the market. But with predictive analytics, you can make quicker and better offers to the candidates, providing a better candidate experience. Not only predictive analytics helps to screen the candidates quickly. It provides insight if the candidate is looking to quit the company. An experienced recruiter will keep predictive analytics in their talent acquisition strategy. 

5. Hiring and Retaining Gen Z

The eCommerce industry needs employees who can make quick decisions, are full of energy and are well-versed with the new technologies. It is all a recruiter can find by hiring Gen Z candidates. 

The companies know that Gen Z is more tech-savvy than the previous generations. They prefer to work for a company that provides them with the latest technology, and eCommerce companies are a match made in heaven. It means the companies need to boost their online presence. When it comes to retaining Gen Z, the recruiters need to implement employee engagement strategies and take timely feedback from them. Gen Z prefers to do job-hopping quickly if the work and culture don’t go their way. 

6.  Remote Hiring Will Stay in Trend

The work process has seen a gradual change since last year. It was the need of the hour, and companies have adapted well to the complete change. Employees prefer work from home scenarios for several reasons. The recruiters will have to embrace the future with this trend. The hiring they will do for the eCommerce companies need candidates that are ready to work from home. 

With remote working in place, the hiring process has also changed from face to face interviews. Now, the trend is video interviews, where the recruiters don’t require to meet the candidate in person and can interview them. 

Remote work will stay because the employees can work flexibly from their homes without dropping their productivity. Now, to keep employees in the loop with the company culture, the recruiter can implement fun activities to keep the employees culturally fit. So, it is a win-win for both the company and employees in future. 

7. Diversity Ecommerce Recruitment

Diversity hiring is the way to go ahead in future. It helps to maintain the culture among the office and the employees not getting discriminated against based on their caste, gender, age or any other characteristics that have no bearing on their ability to perform an exact role. 

In the coming years, the recruiting managers will eliminate unconscious bias and prioritise diversity. The starting point for the recruiters is to establish diverse interview panels having a positive impact on your talent pool. 

8. Recruitment With Social Media

Social media is popular right now, and the potential is endless. Recruiters are aware of this and are trying their best to hire candidates through social media. The best platforms to hire eCommerce candidates via social media: 

  • LinkedIn 
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

If you are not using these channels, you are missing out on candidates with lots of potential. You need social media recruitment strategies to help you to get the star candidate. 

Try using premium LinkedIn and Facebook to widen your reach to the relevant audience for your eCommerce company. Once you are in touch with the candidates, you can engage them towards building a relationship with the company and then move to the next step. So, don’t stay behind in this race for recruiting. 

9. Digital Onboarding for Employees

New hires are always looking for a smooth experience, and the recruiters are trying their level best by providing onboarding digitally. The upcoming years will see growth in the paperless onboarding process. 

It will solve the problem of hiring employees with dubious backgrounds and providing a great onboarding experience. The turnaround time will become less when hiring new employees. So, it is a win-win situation. Recruiters can invest in the right tools for a seamless onboarding process to stay ahead of recruiters. 

10. More Interview Feedback 

No one enjoys the process of rejecting applicants, be it recruiters or candidates. The eCommerce recruitment industry is becoming aware of providing constructive feedback to candidates (both successful and unsuccessful). 

Doing so will have a positive impact on your company’s brand. If the candidate has got proper feedback, they spread the word to their fellow friends. It will automatically create a talent pool for the future. 

A bad candidate experience can cost you a lot. So, to avoid this you need a platform that provides seamless candidate feedback. It will help you to collect candidate feedback via surveys and later on provide them with the feedback. 

How Does UprightHC Provide Seamless eCommerce Recruitment? 

We are your one-stop solution for all eCommerce recruitment needs. We believe in working for clients and exceeding their expectations. Here are some more reasons to trust us for your eCommerce hiring needs:

  • Years of experience
  • Customized eCommerce hiring plans
  • Immense network in the eCommerce industry 
  • Innovative recruitment strategies 

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