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14 must-have recruitment skills all ambitious recruiters develop

Written by : Ginni Agarwal | On :06-01-2022
Recruitment Strategy

A recruiter is a valuable asset to companies in all industries. To become a top recruiter, you need to develop the necessary skills. With the recruitment trends changing rapidly one needs to improve their skills. There are two types of recruiters, external and internal recruiters. Here’s a little overview of them: 

External recruiter: An external recruiter doesn’t work for a specific company. Instead, they work on their own and hire candidates for their clients. 

Internal recruiter: An internal recruiter works for one specific company only and helps them source and hire new employees. 

As of late, there is a huge demand for companies to fill the positions, and therefore the onus is on the recruiters to make quick hires. No matter the type of recruiter (external or internal), they need a skill set to stay ahead of the recruitment. 

Here are the ideal recruitment skills a recruiter needs to develop for hiring star candidates in no time.

1. Data analysis 

Data-driven HR technologies are on the rise, and it helps clients to know about your activity. Keeping the clients/company informed about all you have done to source talent, what the market is like and which role requirements are crucial. 

The way is to know their own individual recruitment KPIs and turn those into SMART goals. Evaluate the processes to see for better results. Examples include optimizing the conversion rates or reducing the time per interview. 

2. Critical thinking 

Critical thinking is a huge factor for making a perfect hire. It helps to play with the information that gets presented to the recruiter. The recruiter has to analyze all the information based on that. Recruiters can filter out what is not ideal and come to an unbiased conclusion. There can be cases where it comes to the final two candidates. So, having critical thinking skills works for the recruiter. 

Critical thinking is a much-needed recruitment skill for the recruiter. You will make the decisions based on facts rather than assumptions. 

3. Amazing communication skills 

A recruiter has to be an allrounder, and having excellent communication skills is their bread and butter. If they cannot convey their message will make the hiring process difficult. Recruiters are a bridge between a company and a candidate, and they represent the company on various channels. 

The candidate has various questions, doubts regarding the job profile or company which have to be addressed by the recruiter. Candidates have spent a lot of time searching for the right job. When their queries will not get answered leaves a negative impression.

Communicating with candidates happens at various stages during the shortlisting stage, during the interview stage, and finally during the onboarding phase. A recruiter has to contact the candidates that aren’t selected during the interview to provide them with candidate experience. It allows the recruiter to stay in touch with the candidate for future hiring. It leaves a positive impact on the company’s brand image. According to a survey, a candidate is more likely to join a company when a recruiter shares feedback.

4. Reliability 

During the pandemic, nothing was sure in the recruitment industry. Being able to rely on people for what they say has never been important. With good communication being necessary, a recruiter has to be reliable. 

Recruiter makes specific promises to candidates, and they need to fulfil them. Recruiting is a task that requires a person who is reliable enough to act as a point of contact between the candidates and the company. The ideal scenario is not to make any false promises and set specific goals that are easier to meet. 

5. Ability to multitask 

Recruiters need to do a lot at the same time. It’s because of this they need to be good at multitasking. It begins from writing job descriptions, contacting interested candidates, sending follow-ups, scheduling interviews, performing background checks, and onboarding candidates. Multiply the process with every job. 

The recruiter needs to manage their time effectively and plan tasks accordingly. So, multitasking won’t become a problem. Being able to juggle multiple tasks professionally and efficiently is a skill required for the recruiter. 

6. Marketing 

Recruiters have to sell ideas and ensure the message gets conveyed. It makes marketing a vital skill during recruitment. The recruitment team has to be familiar with web analytics and advertising tools. Checking on-page analytics is key to knowing which job adverts are converting or not. 

Most recruiters rely on tools like Hotjar to see what candidates are doing when they land on your job ads. It is also necessary for the recruiters to have a social profile and presence. So, building relationships slowly with the candidates is vital in the recruitment process. 

7. Keeping patience during the recruitment process

A recruiter has to face plenty of challenges during the hiring process. It can often take patience to make cohesive plans with candidates and clients. One has to schedule various meetings with different persons, and it is tough to handle everyone’s schedule. 

Hiring for competitive positions is hectic and requires patience. You don’t want to hurry in the hiring process and hire the wrong candidate. There can be instances when the candidate can lose patience or back out at the last minute, leaving you repeating the same process. 

8. Teamwork 

Recruitment does not happen with a single person. It is teamwork and needs the whole team to chip in and make the hiring quickly. The best recruiter needs to work with a wide array of people. They need to stay in the loop with team departments for which they want to fill the openings. The teams will send their requirements to the recruiter, and they will do the hiring accordingly. As a recruiter, you will give your feedback about the candidates. Teamwork as a recruitment skill gets focused on working for the overall good rather than hiring based on personal preference. 

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9. Adaptability 

No industry is immune to change, and the recruitment industry has no difference. With the new recruitment trends in 2022, there would be a change in the hiring process. Therefore, the recruiter needs to adapt to the hiring practices and address the developments. It requires curiosity to understand the reason behind these changes and deliver the ideal solutions. 

10. Recruiters need to be tech-savvy 

Technology is evolving, and it is now necessary for the recruitment industry to use technology. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to stay updated with the latest recruitment technologies.

Technologies such as ATS (applicant tracking system), HRIS, predictive analytics, and gamification are popular among recruiters. With tech skills, recruiters can take it to their advantage and hire the right candidate easily. 

11. Strong desire to learn 

Another recruitment skill that fits well for a recruiter is their passion for learning. No one knows everything, and there is always room to learn and improve. Recruiters have the same case. If they want to evolve, they need new skills or new recruitment trends. It helps the recruiter to take on new responsibilities. The more you learn, the more chances you will have to grow. 

12. Better onboarding skills 

Seamless onboarding skills lead to higher levels of employee retention. An onboarding experience improves new hire retention by 82% and productivity by 70%. An ineffective onboarding increases the chances of a candidate looking for a job. 

The recruiter is involved in the onboarding process. The presence of a recruiter during the first day of the onboarding is comfortable for the candidate. 

13. The recruiter needs to have a clear vision 

Recruiters have to focus on the candidate while looking for the bigger picture. The recruiter needs to make the hiring strategy based on the long-term talent acquisition process. It could include a longer-term plan of action of connecting with high-potential candidates that are fit for your talent pipeline. An ideal way to become a top recruiter is to think beyond the task and look for a bigger picture for the company. 

14. Body language skills 

Successful recruiters need to have positive body language that shows them open to candidates. At the same time, the recruiter needs to read body language to find out if the candidate is comfortable, and telling the truth, etc. So, body language is vital for a recruiter in their hiring process. 


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