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Upcoming Recruitment Trends To Watch Out In 2022

Written by : Ginni Agarwal | On :26-10-2021
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Recruitment trends since the last two years have changed drastically. The advancement in technologies, COVID-19, shifts in job markets have made changes in the recruitment strategies

The recruiters now don’t follow the same old recruitment methods to hire candidates. They have now become experts in HR tech trends and find employees who are skillful and culture-oriented too. If you want to stay ahead in the recruiting game, you need to know the upcoming recruitment trends in 2022 and start implementing them in your talent acquisition process

In this article, we will provide insight into the recruitment trends to follow in 2022. 

Recruiting Trend 1: Promoting Internal Talent 

It is one of the most promising trends that recruiters have to embrace in 2022. 

More and more companies are looking out to promote their employees from within. It is better than hiring from the market and going through the whole recruitment process. Pandemic has also played a role in promoting internal talent. 

As a result, recruiters will focus on creating internal hiring programs. These programs will help the companies keep the employees for an extended period and promote those employees who are a right fit for the company.

It will be a new challenge for the recruiters in 2022 as they have the experience and strategies built around hiring candidates externally. Recruiters need to implement strategies to test out internal candidates to check whether they are fit for the roles and responsibilities or not. 

Recruiting Trend 2: Virtual Hiring 

Virtual recruiting is the new way of hiring. The trend was quite popular in previous years, but the max potential is yet to reach. Virtual recruiting offers a lot of benefits for the hiring process, and these are: 

  • Reduced interview time
  • Increased candidate reach 
  • Better engagement with GenZ 

Virtual recruitment does not mean hiring candidates only from networking sites, social media and more. But it also means conducting virtual interviews and onboarding processes. 

Virtual recruiting benefits both employees and employers. It allows the employers to access a large pool of candidates with ease and the interview process is also seamless. In the case of employees, it broadens employment opportunities. 

Recruiting Trend 3: AI For Recruiting Remote Employees 

AI recruiting is a hot topic among the recruiters, and looking for ways to use the technology to automate the parts of the recruitment process like screening of CVs or scheduling interviews. 

According to the survey, most recruiters find it difficult to determine the candidates who are the best fit for the company. Recruiters who follow the traditional recruitment methods have to screen thousands of resumes in a month and schedule follow-up calls. It consumes a lot of time, and the process is costly in the long run. 

AI brings the speed and accuracy that has become a necessity for recruiters. But even now, many recruiters are hesitant to invest in AI platforms because they still don’t know the potential of AI. 

Different recruitment stages where AI recruiting gets used: 

  • Skill matching: Using AI-based tools helps match the candidate’s skill sets and work-experience according to job requirements. 
  • Candidate recommendation: Recruiters can use AI for better decision making with recommendation systems where candidates get screened and ranked for the open positions. 
  • Chatbots: The chatbots get used as a complete solution during the hiring stages. The AI-driven chatbots automate the resume hiring processes and cater to the candidate’s queries in time. 
  • Candidate screening: Automating the candidate screening process with AI helps to speed up the process. The tool can screen thousands of profiles and shortlist qualified candidates. 

 Recruiting Trend 4: Gamification For Recruitment 

Gamification is not a buzzword anymore. It is something companies are taking seriously, and so are the recruiters. Companies are willing to use this method in their recruitment process to improve the candidate experience and to promote their brand name. 

Gamification is helpful to recruit the best applicants in the market. The recruiter has to check if the candidate fits the company culture or not. Gamification simplifies all the processes and provides the benefits: 

  • The elimination process is quicker.
  • The candidate gets familiar with the company and their job profile.
  • Provides a better way to interview and screen the candidates by making recruitment more interactive.
  • Gamification helps with the onboarding process.

Therefore, every company must include gamification in their recruiting process to hire the best talent in a limited time. 

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Recruiting Trend 5: Recognise Upcoming Generation Of Workers

Slowly but surely, companies are adjusting to the new generation of workforce. Millennials are entering the workforce, and they think a bit differently. And Gen Z candidates who are fresh out of college are looking to join the team. 

For example, younger workers expect to have flexible schedules if they are not working 100% remotely. The majority of employees from the younger generation prefer to be in contact with their manager continuously. They want regular feedback on their performance and want to participate in new projects. Recruiters have to adjust their talent acquisition strategies to provide the young employees with the opportunities they want. 

Here are ways to refine your GenZ recruitment strategy:

  • Examine the career options you have to offer.
  • Consider the way you work.
  • Look at how you communicate with them.

Recruiting Trend 6: More Interview Feedback 

No one prefers rejecting the applicants, but the industry is becoming aware of how important it is to provide constructive feedback to candidates. 

Doing so builds a perfect relationship with the candidates and shows them that the company cares about the whole process and maintains the brand’s reputation. If there is no feedback, the candidate might feel they have not been treated fairly and can spread the word. 

According to a study, more than 50% of the candidates share their hiring process on social media. Therefore, the recruiters need to provide feedback as soon as the interview gets done. 

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