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The Ultimate Guide Of Staffing Services 2024

Written by : Ginni Agarwal | On :01-10-2021
Staffing Services

Table of Contents

What is a Staffing Agency?

What Does a Staffing Agency Do?

Myths and Misconceptions About Staffing Agencies

Benefits of a Staffing Agency

Reasons to Choose UprightHC Staffing Services

What is a Staffing Agency? 

A staffing agency acts as a bridge between the candidates and the companies. They do groundbreaking work to ensure a seamless recruitment process. It is an organization that matches the ideal candidates with the companies. The three types of staffing services used by the companies are:

  • Temporary staff service.
  • Long-term staff services.
  • Temp-to-permanent staffing services. 

If you prefer quality over quantity, then choosing a staffing company in 2024 is the ideal choice. Carry on reading to get complete information about staffing agencies. 

What Does a Staffing Agency Do?


Guide Of Staffing Services

Staffing agencies recruit ideal employees on behalf of the employers to fill the positions and candidates to find suitable jobs. The positions range from temporary to permanent. The benefit of a staffing agency is that it offers the employees a chance to work in a new industry and gain experience. The process of every staffing agency is quite similar. Here are the steps a staffing agency follows, from job opening to hire:

1. Employers get in contact with the agency 

When a company needs to hire new staff, the employers need to hire a professional staffing agency specialized in their industry. The employer will specify the job requirements, no. of candidates required for the position, the period for which staff needs to work, the rate they will pay. Based on all these details, the staffing agency creates the job description and advertise it. Recruiters can use social media or other professional networks to post the job. 

2. Application process begins 

The candidates will find the job on the company’s website or job boards. The candidates will apply for the job and get in contact with the job recruiter. The recruiter will shortlist the candidates that match the job criteria. They will double-check if a candidate fits the bill. For the candidate, the agency will take care of the hiring process

3. Interview process

When the agency has shortlisted the candidates, screening interviews are next. Staffing agencies know that the interview process is quite necessary and therefore they form a proper interview process that helps to evaluate the candidate at various stages. The agency after the interview process is done will provide feedback to the candidate and the employer on whether to proceed further or not. 

4. Contracts and pay 

The staffing agency takes care of most of the paperwork during the hiring process. It includes the contracts and the right to terminate them when necessary. Employers don’t want to dwell on their resources and save their time in the long run. In the case of temporary positions, the staffing agency can pay directly to the employees. The employer can take the candidate on the permanent payroll if the candidate performs well. 

What all a staffing agency does for a candidate

  • It helps the candidates to match for skills and culture fit.
  • Improves your chance of landing a job. 
  • Give access to more jobs. 
  • Candidates to negotiate. 

What all staffing agency does for an employer 

  • Source candidates faster. 
  • Create job descriptions. 
  • You connect with passive candidates. 
  • Ask the right questions. 


Myths and Misconceptions About Staffing Agencies 2024

Staffing agencies have been helping candidates and companies for quite a long and in 2024 they will play a significant role during the remote working scenario. However some companies still don’t know the complete potential and believe in certain myths around them. It is time to put those myths at rest. Here are the myths: 

Myth #1. Expensive to hire a staffing agency 

It is more common to hear from employers; why hire a staffing agency when we can hire the employees ourselves. It is the mindset of the employers, they think they are saving money upfront, but that’s not the case. The truth is they won’t save money in the long run by hiring themselves. 

Hiring is a costly and time-consuming process. It involves certain hidden costs that many employers don’t know until they begin to hire the candidates. If you are a job seeker, you don’t have to pay anything to the staffing agencies. It is another myth about the staffing agencies that the candidates need to pay to get a job. The staffing agency gets paid by the company for every successful candidate they bring. 

Myth #2. You won’t find quality candidates 

It is not true; Staffing agencies take proper measures and hire candidates via talent acquisition solutions. The employees look for flexibility and are ok with temporary jobs. Finding a temporary position is the quickest way to enter the job market. The staffing agency during the hiring process highlights whether it’s for temporary staff or long-term staff. Common sense is the staffing agency won’t be in business if they don’t fulfil the candidate criteria set by the employer. 

Myth #3. Staffing agencies just forward the resumes 

The hiring managers are under the impression that staffing agencies will forward them CVs researched online. They expect to get a commission if one of the candidates gets hired. It can be the case with some new or bad agencies; that don’t care about the candidates or the company. A professional staffing agency will always stay in touch with the employer during the whole process. It consists of understanding the role and the skills, negotiating the salary, and more. 

Myth #4. It takes longer to fill the vacancy via a staffing agency 

It is different. A staffing agency brings all its resources to find a suitable candidate for the position of your company. The agency takes care of all the processes. It ranges from sorting the resumes, conducting interviews, the onboarding process and managing the paperwork. The whole process gets completed in days rather than months when done by the company’s hiring manager. 

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Benefits of a Staffing Agency 

Guide Of Staffing Services


Using a staffing agency is undoubtedly beneficial for both employers and candidates. Let’s look at the benefits of hiring a staffing agency: 

1. A staffing agency has access to specialized knowledge.

A recruiting decision can make or break the company. A bad hiring process will lead to unqualified candidates that can leave a hole in the company’s financial area. Staffing agencies have the much-needed experience and knowledge to hire the best candidates. The staffing agency has professional networks and experience with various industries open to using the latest recruitment trends

2. Companies get a wider, better-quality talent pool. 

Staffing agencies recruit regularly, and they have a database ready of the candidates they have assessed and screened to share with employers. Whenever a new recruitment task is present, they can easily tap into the database and search for potential candidates. They have passive candidates present in the database that is not yet ready to change jobs but can if the offer is apt. So, the employer does not need to worry about the quality of the candidates. 

3. You have free time to focus on other operations. 

Employers have to spend countless hours on job postings, screen resumes, sourcing candidates, and more. It takes a lot of time for the employer they can use to manage other tasks. The advantage of a staffing agency is that they handle most of your front-end recruiting responsibilities/processes. 

4. It reduces the risk of new hire turnover. 

A new hire turnover is expensive. There are hidden costs during a vacant position because of the time and resources it takes to hire and train a new employee, and if it doesn’t work you need to repeat the whole process of hiring and finding the replacement. The companies in 2024 are on the lookout for a staffing agency. Do look for a staffing agency having a successful track record of hiring employees that will help you place the candidates the first time around and reduce the turnover rate. 


Reasons to Choose UprightHC Staffing Services

We at UprightHC are fit for all types of hiring. We provide permanent staffing, temporary staffing, temp-to-hire solutions for various sectors. What your company will get with our staffing services: 

  • Onboarding and Training
  • Compliances
  • Payroll Management
  • Overstaffing

Staffing Services we Offer at UprightHC: 

1. Permanent staffing solutions

We help organizations hire expert full-time talent for middle and senior-level positions across various industries. We screen the candidates extensively, saving our clients valuable management time in the interviewing process and helping them to hire top talent. 

2. Temporary staffing solutions 

We help you build agile and flexible teams on short notice with our temporary staffing solutions. We offer a pool of pre-screened talent on our rolls for middle and senior-level positions. Our temp staffing services allow organizations the ease to scale their workload. 

3. Temp-to-hire solutions 

Our Temp-to-hire services allow organizations to evaluate the candidate over some time before onboarding the candidate at the end of the contract period. 

Get the perfect candidate for your company!! Let our experts handle your staffing needs! Get In Touch 



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