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Latest Technology Trends 2022: Hiring Trends Every Recruiter Must Know

Written by : admin | On :09-07-2021
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2021 has been the year of companies trying to get things back to normal. Most of them are taking the leverage of remote work scenarios to keep the workflow seamlessly. 

The businesses that were not technically sound are using technology to work seamlessly and without any problem. To overcome this, the companies are looking forward to the IT industry hiring done right.

The hiring process has changed, the IT recruitment trends that used to work before the pandemic might not work in 2022. 

A recruiter needs to stay focused and active with the tech hiring trends. If you are clueless about the 2022 technology hiring trends you need to implement the technology hiring trends you need to implement, this article is for you.

Top Technology Hiring Trends In 2022


1. Use of AI and Automation 

AI is slowly and steadily taking its place in the hiring process. It does so by machine learning to shortlist the candidates and automate the tasks present during the recruitment process. 

All of this gets done by AI to ensure that the best people get hired for your open positions. It does so without having to work in the office for 25 hours a day, eight days a week.

Here are some reasons why AI is popular among the recruiters in 2022: 

  • Improves the quality of hire
  • Helps to automate the manual tasks
  • Cost-effective hiring
  • Helps in diverse hiring
  • Reduced time to hire candidates
  • Ideal to hire passive candidates

2. Natural language processing for recruitment 

NLP is popular among many recruiters. Every tech-savvy recruiter is implementing it in their talent acquisition process

Rather than having your employees review a large amount of data from candidates, you can use NLP to make the job much easier and more efficient.

How Can NLP Help You During the Hiring Process in 2022?

  • NLP enables simple, automated resume selection and processing, reducing recruitment time and eliminating hours of manual testing.
  • NLP helps the recruiter to offer ease of document analysis. It increases the speed of your recruitment process. 

3. Interview chatbots

Chatbots have been around for a few years now, but their use has limited to providing landing page calls to action and prompting candidates to apply for a job. Chatbots, on the other hand, are now used to pre-screen candidates and schedule interviews.

These chatbots conduct human-like text conversations with applicants to collect their responses, pictures, videos, and documents. These chatbots are empathetic, intuitive, and presumptuous, and they can communicate via chat, email, or text.

Here are some benefits proving chatbots as a trend is here to stay for long: 

  • Helps to screen candidates and evaluate their potential 
  • Assist in expediting the scheduling of interviews
  • Respond to user inquiries quickly and provide immediate solutions
  • Improve the Candidate Experience

4. Soft skills will be a must for a candidate

Technical skills are vital for IT industry professionals, but many companies are looking for candidates having hard and soft skills. 

Soft skills are essential for forming mutually beneficial external partnerships, building teams, and motivating employees. The following are the top soft skills employers are looking for in 2022:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking skills

5. Remote hiring and remote working in 2022

Today’s most in-demand job requirement is flexibility and remote working. Businesses are also adapting well to attract and retain top performers, 

Remote working has become necessary because of the pandemic, but many businesses were unprepared because they lacked the infrastructure to manage a dispersed workforce. Teleworking and onsite work have continued as part of a hybrid business model for companies that are yet to embrace this shift.

The shift to remote work has increased the number of professionals choosing to work from home. As well as a business looking for remote workers who can be productive in a remote setting. 

Understanding how to collaborate effectively regardless of location is a top requirement of any job in 2022.

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6. Hiring diversified candidates

The need to diversify is a hot topic in the world of technology recruiting. Companies are setting direct quotas to meet those goals, and diversity hiring trends are now more vital than ever.

A growing number of well-known companies have changed their HR processes to gain access to neurodiverse talent or people who think “outside the box.” 

They realise that hiring a diverse workforce and addressing pay disparities aren’t enough. Instead, they must create an environment in which everyone’s voice gets heard, and every employee feels empowered to do their best work.

7. Video interviews are here to stay in 2022

Today’s job market is fiercely competitive, and attracting top talent is becoming increasingly difficult. Companies must improve their employer branding and provide an exceptional candidate experience. 

Video interviews are the answer. You can make your recruitment process more flexible, reduce the time it takes to fill a position, and lower hiring costs by using video interviews, all while providing an excellent candidate experience.

Here are the benefits of incorporating video interviews: 

  • Cut costs and avoid scheduling problems.
  • Improve and standardise the candidate screening process.
  • Ensure that candidates have a positive experience.
  • Reduce the time it takes to hire by being more efficient.

8. Use of virtual reality 

Virtual reality in simple words means computer-generated simulation in which a person can interact with the artificial 3-D environment with the help of special goggles, gloves with sensors.

Virtual reality can help the recruitment process, gone are those days of hiring candidates only based on the personal interview. The demand for VR/AR is increasing day by day. Industries are looking to hire candidates with AR specific skills. 

Here are reasons how VR can help recruiters to hire candidates: 

  • VR allows candidates to SEE themselves in the role.
  • Attract top talent.
  • It helps with candidate engagement.
  • VR helps with training and onboarding.

9. Companies focus on retaining

A high rate of attrition is never good for a company. When an employee resigns, the employer is responsible for paying the employee’s exit costs and benefits. The company must then spend money on hiring and training a new employee. In difficult times, it’s even more important to have people who are familiar with the work, the company, and the vision.

Companies retention strategies, such as employee benefits, health insurance, leave structure, and performance evaluation, are expected to be affected by the new developments. An employer with a good reputation has a better chance of attracting candidates who want to work for a long time.

10. Programmatic job advertising

The practice of using data, analytics, machine learning, and AI to buy, place, and optimise job ads is known as programmatic job advertising. This is an upcoming technology trend for 2022 that every recruiter must implement.

Yes, you read that correctly: with programmatic job advertising, you have access to the entire internet, rather than just the popular job boards, which get flooded with competing listings. 

The advantages of programmatic job posting: 

  • Expands your reach
  • Getting useful information
  • Choosing the best candidates
  • Increasing the value of your company’s brand
  • Increasing candidate satisfaction

How UprightHC Helps Your Business Find Candidates? 

We, as a recruitment company, are your go-to place for all the IT hiring needs. We believe in delivering the right candidate according to your specific needs and that too quickly. 

We know the importance of the candidate, and with technology evolving with time, we prefer to give you the candidate who is an expert in technical skills. Here are some reasons to trust our recruitment services: 

  • Get professional recruitment process for any business
  • We help you in creating a recruitment plan
  • Screening of candidates
  • Seamless onboarding process
  • Immense network in the recruitment industry 


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